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Wireless Digital Embroidery

Send files to a digital embroidery machine wirelessly using the free DropStitch software.


Embroidery machines normally rely on USB memory sticks for file transfer. This means projects may require a number of USB sticks, and can result in wear and tear on the embroidery machine USB port.

We thought there must be an alternative solution, so we decided to develop DropStitch – click here for our story.

Using DropStitch and a Raspberry Pi Zero W you can setup your embroidery machine to receive files wirelessly using bluetooth or wifi.

Key Features

  • Wireless file transfer using bluetooth or wifi.
  • Open source software (free and modifiable code)
  • Low hardware cost – Raspberry Pi Zero W (approx £10)
  • Compatible with turtlestitch and other software applications
  • Works with devices that can read usb memory sticks

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